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Sutphin Tuning

Sutphin Transmission Tune F series

Sutphin Transmission Tune F series

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8HP Transmission Tuning - Elevate Your Driving Experience with Performance and Precision

Unlock the true potential of your F series vehicle with our meticulously crafted 8HP transmission tuning services. Our tuning is designed to enhance the entire driving experience by optimizing power delivery, providing smooth and responsive shifting, and ensuring optimal performance across all driving modes. Whether you're aiming for a thrilling daily drive or seeking to dominate the track, our 8HP transmission tuning is the perfect solution for you.

Product Highlights:

  • Tuning for a superior driving experience
  • Ideal for stock, hybrid, and single turbo vehicles
  • Improved shifting in Drive, Sport, and Paddle modes
  • Precise adjustments for optimal performance and responsiveness
  • Compatible with a wide range of BMW models equipped with ZF8HP transmissions

Performance Benefits:

  • Smooth shifting in Drive, ECO, and Comfort modes with better RPM runout
  • Aggressive shifting in Sport modes with fast shifting at wide-open throttle
  • Customized tuning adjustments

Ease of Use:

  • For Power levels of 680hp and up I recommend getting a built transmission.
  • Flash using programs like Xhp Flashtool, TGflash, FLEX, BFlash (flash license required)
  • Recommended to use with Adrenaline ATF SS fluid, Amsoil SS or Motul ATF VI changing fluid every 30k to 40k miles on tuned vehicles

Tuning Adjustments

  • Shift timing
  • Shift pressures
  • Fill rates
  • Drive Logic
  • Shift Maps
  • TQ Limiters
  • TQ Management
  • Clutches
  • Shift RPM
  • TCC settings
  • Mapping behaviors
  • Throttle Inputs
  • Overall Pressure Controls

Our 8HP transmission tuning is the product of extensive research and development, focusing on providing an exceptional driving experience without compromising on performance. Tuning and support does not carry over when the vehicle is sold.

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